About the Artists

I have been creating ever since I can remember.  As a child, I taught myself to sew at the age of 10.  I was fascinated with the concept that you could start with very little and create something beautiful.  I loved that there was no limit as long as you could imagine it.  I spent most of my college years learning painting and Illustration.  In recent years I found my way back to textiles and quickly realized this is where my heart belongs.  

When I launched Petals in the Sky, I began with one headdress and kept going. Through many experiments, trials, failures, and my unwavering need to work with my hands, I found my true creative voice.  Little did I know my baby girl would have the same desire to create.  So we began creating side by side.

As a mother and an artist, I have an obligation to lead by example.  When Hailey approached me about selling her jewelry designs and donating 50% of each sale to charity, I was more than supportive.  Hailey is not only creative but has a huge heart.  Inspired by her, I decided to follow suit and now a portion of every Petals in the Sky piece sold will be donated to charity.  With your support we will continue to create while impacting the lives of others.  Together, we can help to ensure other girls have the same freedoms we choose.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.- and for making a difference

Mia and Hailey