The Hat Box

The Hat Box


Protect your Petals Hat or any precious items in this beautifully Hand Crafted Hat box.  Designed to accent any decor.  This truly is a beautiful box you won't want to hide away,


  • Beautiful Handcrafted Hat box 
  • Perfectly Sized for top Hats
  • Round box will fit many styles of hats
  • Available in round or oval
  • Fabric covered with our Petals Logo on the lid
  • Lined with Quality Dust resistant lining
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Our creative process starts with the careful selection of materials used to create each art piece.  Our hats are premium quality, hand crafted wool  hats.  Many of the jewels and embellishments are sourced from antiques and repurposed finds.  Every detail you see on your hat has been meticulously placed and hand sewn to withstand heavy use.  The interior of your Top hat is fully lined with our  satin Petals fabric.   The Petals medallion  is placed on each hat so you will know its an authentic Petals In The Sky creation.  Every Hat and Headdress is protected with a special sealant to prevent against fading and the elements.  Each hat is one of a kind.