Made to order flower Crown

Made to order flower Crown

from 125.00

All of our Goddess Headdresses and Flower Crowns are made by Hand.  They are made to withstand the toughest of elements and the longest of nights!   Our Goddesses are as Strong as they are beautiful, just like any Goddess should be. 

Each Goddess Features:

  • Multi way wear:
    • Can be worn as a flower crown, headdress, or as a belt sash
  • Removable (adjustable) elastic strap
  • Fully lined with Felt for comfort
  • adjustable back strap
  • All items are sealed to prevent fading, protect from the elements and allow for longer wear and use.

  • vintage and antique embellishments

Our flower crown design is versatile.  we have designed our flower crowns so the flowers do not go all the way around.  the back is an elastic strap with a pretty ribbon covering it.  we design them this was to allow for you to wear them as a crown or as a headdress.  Baby crowns are made to grow with your child and can be work for years.




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Our creative process starts with the careful selection of materials used to create each art piece.  Many of the jewels and embellishments are sourced from antiques and repurposed finds.  Every detail you see on your headdress has been meticulously placed and hand sewn to withstand heavy use.  Each is fully lined with felt for comfort.  Our headdresses are as versatile as they are beautiful.  Each comes with a removable/ adjustable strap.  Once removed you can use the attached ties to wear your headdress as a bellydance/ tribal fusion style belt. Each piece is one of a kind.