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Strong. Unique. Beautiful.

Wearable art made to celebrate the Goddess in all of us.

I Rise. You Rise.

Petals in the sky is all about Supporting each other. Raising each other up to the highest level - Goddesses. I started creating these pieces as a way to express myself. Over time this grew into more than just my personal art and expression. Petals became a movement. Through celebrating our inner Goddess, indulging in our femininity and expressing our personal style without excuse, we have created a community who lift each other and rise together. I have been moved by the personal connections and conversations I have had with so many women who have shared how confident and simply beautiful they feel in their Petals pieces.

Each piece is hand made in San Francisco. Many are embellished with antique and vintage finds.  In an effort to show beauty transcends all boundaries my pieces are influenced and blend together many cultural styles.  Petals clothing is always made in very small batches. My goal is to maintain the creative, unique and personal attributes of Petals In The Sky. This is still, after all, my art. Each piece truly is infused with my heart. From my head, to my heart, to my hands....To you.

Thank you for your beautiful support and love.