Mythic Goddess (Large)Crown

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Mythic Goddess (Large)Crown
Mythic Goddess (Large)Crown

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Different than anything I have created before.  Im always challenging myself to try new things and to expand my art with each piece.  This piece is a testament to that.

 Adorned with 100s of tiny roses and flowers, rhinestones, hand carved wood pieces, crystals, beads, and antique jewelry.  The whitewashed to give it a unique tonal effect.  The piece is large and a true statement piece, yet she weighs very little.  I pride myself in creating pieces that are beautiful, but meticulously engineered.  Balance, comfortable and light - you will be able to dance the night away.  She is truly one of a kind.



Fully lined

Adjustable back strap

internal hair combs for a comfortable fit

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