Metamorphosis Collection - Passion(lighted)

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Metamorphosis Collection - Passion(lighted)
Metamorphosis Collection - Passion(lighted)

The second of the Metamorphosis Colleciton

A series of five breathtaking representations of: Sky, Fire, Earth, Passion, and Love.  Each is based on the transformation and form of a butterfly 

Meet the Wind Goddess. The blue swirls representing the wind and clouds in motion surrounded by antique jewels and a large Antique Phoenix in the center. Turn out the lights and the night sky lights up a vibrant blue!

Hand created Goddess headdress Made from lightweight material. She is adorned with up-cycled, vintage, and antique jewels and jewelry layered with hand placed over fabric, and ribbon flowers.

  • Adjustable / removable back strap  
  • One size

  • Hand Made

  • very light 
  • haircombs inside headbase 


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